It me! I am your new third wheel, your new childhood friend, your new girl behind the camera!

I've been doing this whole living my dream thing for 2 years now and I couldn't be happier! It all started one fall summer night at winters end... totally kidding one day I just said "F-THIS! Photography makes me unbelievably happy, Let's do this!"

But my joy is not only from photographing love. It's also because I married the most amazing man on this planet. Leonard is my best friend of 10 years and husband for 2! I still dream about our wedding day and feel like I am always living in that wedding day happiness.

I'm a paw-rent to the cutest little pupper there is! Leia is the bestest side-kick and editing partner! You can count on her being right next to me every time I'm at my desk. And when it is time for a break you can catch both of us dancing to whatever is playing. She definitely makes life so much easier.

Now I am completely obsessed with my husband, my sisters and Leia. So you'll probably catch them more on my Instagram stories than me! Its all good though because they are amaze-balls!

“Did we just bond like crazy! Let's be friends!!”

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